Shiffel Corp S.A.

Outsourcing Technologies Provider

Shiffel Corp S.A.

Since 2001 Shiffel Corp S.A (Shiffel) has been providing IT infrastructure and IT consultancy services to companies around the World, mainly in the financial services industry. Shiffel works closely with local IT providers to fulfil its clients requirements and is registered with the Central Bank of Uruguay as a provider of services to External Financial Entities.

Shiffel is located in Zonamerica Business and Technology Park, Montevideo Uruguay. Its strategy is based on offering customized services, focused on providing tailor-made solutions to satisfy their client’s needs. The company is formed by a team of dedicated IT professionals, having skills and knowledge over different IT solutions and tools. On 2017 Shiffel Corp S.A received the ISO 27001 certification for the provision of Hosting and Colocation Services.


  • To be a world class IT services provider, supporting IT infrastructure services, for clients operating in financial markets around the world adding value through innovation, efficient administration, focused management and efficient application of IT technology.
  • To let our clients being focused in their business while we take over of their technology challenges.
  • To provide a challenging and rewarding work opportunity to our staff in a dynamic environment where team work, individual creativity and initiative are combined to provide secure, reliable and efficient results.
  • Promote the constant investigation of new technologies and methodologies.
  • To provide a worthwhile long term future for Shiffel’s stakeholders.