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International Securities

Provides non-discretionary - execution only - brokerage services.
Executing and trading fixed income and equities - specializing in emerging markets

Winterbotham International Securities

Winterbotham International Securities acts as a broker-dealer and custodian to private and institutional clients. Providing global execution facilities and trading support through our network of international correspondents and prime brokers. Global execution of trades is performed centrally from our trading desk in Nassau, The Bahamas.

Winterbotham has created an efficient worldwide clearing infrastructure which offers private clients, corporate, institutional, fund and asset managers a single source of execution in international equity markets, covering all major markets through electronic communication networks. Offering execution to its clients with direct phone lines and electronic access, Winterbotham utilizes state of the art order management systems, with seamless clearing and settlement through its network of global correspondents.

Winterbotham provides fixed income products and services to banks, arbitrageurs, partnerships, fund and asset managers with superior trade execution, global clearance and custody services. Providing access to sovereign and corporate debt, emerging market debt, high-yield and high-grade instruments throughout the world. Winterbotham`s global network and regional expertise provides clients with experienced design and execution as well as tailor made solutions covering US, Europe and Latam, and other emerging markets such as Asia and Eastern Europe.

Winterbotham provides institutional and individual asset managers with a global execution and custody platform.

Through our services to financial institution we also provide asset managers with back office, administration, accounting, reporting, compliance and infrastructure services.