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Trust Services

Comprehensive trust administration services including PTC's to meet both the objectives of corporations and individuals

Winterbotham Trust Services

The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited offers comprehensive trust administration services. Winterbotham currently administers a number of trusts to meet both the objectives of corporations and individuals. Fiduciary assets administered by and in the custody of Winterbotham exceed US$2 billion.

Select the Trust Services you are interested in:

Winterbotham can advise on and establish various types of Trusts. Winterbotham provides trusteeship and professional trust administration for the following types of trusts:

For corporate purposes such as, but not limited to:
Ownership of assets – product and raw material stocks, real estate, machinery, intellectual property, accounts receivable;
Acquisition and custody of securities representing securitized assets;
Ownership of assets (cash, securities, real estate, accounts receivable, etc.) for the purpose of providing guarantees;
Sale or purchase of shares of private companies, M&A transactions;
The holding of cash and/or securities in escrow;
Designing and administering pension and employee benefit plans;
Implementation of investment funds as unit trusts

To meet individual objectives such as:
Personal or family succession planning;
For the protection of personal or family assets;
To be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy;
To provide medical care for children or invalids;
To facilitate charitable contributions;
To hold shares of private companies;
To hold and manage investment portfolios

As in all other areas of our business, Winterbotham works with the client and the client´s legal and other advisers to design an appropriate trust structure. When the objectives and purpose are clearly defined, Winterbotham will prepare a written proposal, including costs, for approval by the client.

Winterbotham will then establish the trust and any vehicle or instrument underlying the trust and will lead implementation of the transaction or operation. In establishing trusts, Winterbotham mainly uses The Bahamas, a strong well-proven trust jurisdiction, but Winterbotham is also trustee and trust administrator of trusts established in the Hong Kong and New Zealand, as well as in other IFCs .

Winterbotham currently administers and has experience in the establishment of trusts for the financing, acquisition, and leasing of commercial aircraft; for the acquisition of securities derived from the securitization of sale and lease back receivables; for the purchase and subsequent disposal of [substantial] minority interests in a large media and telecommunications enterprise; for the ownership and management of an investment portfolio, as well as for estate planning purposes.

Winterbotham can advise on the licensing process and the establishment of private trust companies and is an experienced provider of back-office administration and accounting services for private trust companies and their underlying trusts.