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International Trade

Winterbotham delivers solutions via administration, banking and accounting services to support cross-border trading activities

International Trade

Winterbotham delivers solutions via administration, banking and accounting services to support cross-border trading activities. Our clients include financial institutions, corporations and wealthy individuals and our services range from consultancy and transaction structuring through to the organization and operation of trading companies as a turn-key project.

Winterbotham uses many of the world´s major IFCs in the performance of international trade. In particular, Winterbotham administers the trading activities of companies domiciled in The Bahamas, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Netherlands and Uruguay. In addition, through its affiliates, Winterbotham Trading Company Limited, Nassau, and, Winterbotham Trading (UK) Limited, Bristol, the Company offers innovative solutions to exporters and importers around the world.

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Winterbotham works with its customers, visiting their places of business, to understand their objectives and market conditions governing their trading activity. Winterbotham will then prepare a written proposal, which includes a detailed description of the modus operandi and operating costs.

Winterbotham´s strength lies in its ability to bring together the elements necessary to make viable trading operations through intermediary structures and in understanding related, banking and documentary requirements.

Winterbotham is located in and provides services from the free trade zone in Montevideo. Zonamerica is a platform for doing business throughout the South American region. Winterbotham establishes and provides a complete operational and administrative package for companies incorporated within the Zone. Such companies are free from all taxes levied in Uruguay.

Trade is at the heart of the world economy. Optimising the benefits of trade, by maximising the profits derived from exports and imports, by increasing the efficiency of the flow of goods and funds, and the availability of finance, must be a primary objective of any manufacturing or trading enterprise. Similarly, a key part of this planning must focus on the fiscal impact of the organisation's trading activities and underlying profitability.

The establishment of a trading company abroad can have a beneficial impact in the following areas of an organisation's activities:

  a) pricing strategy
  b) inventory scheduling
  c) treasury and tax planning
  d) sourcing finance

Winterbotham offers a full back-office service, and is experienced in providing administrative services to international trading companies. Such services include the preparation and despatch of invoices, together with shipping and other pertinent documents (Certificate of Origin, Sanitary Certificates, etc.). Our export/import department is also experienced at dealing with transactions involving Letters of Credit and documentary collections.

Providing such services to trading companies, in for example, the mining, steel manufacture and agro-industrial sectors with a turnover from a few million to more than US$40 million per year, Winterbotham also offers efficient cash management (receipts, payments and placement) services.