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Shiffel Corp S.A.

Hosting and colocation services


Hosting and colocation services

Shiffel Corp SA offers Hosting and Colocation services, using it's secure and modern datacenters.

Hosting Service consist on offering Hardware from the data center to host websites and services from third partys, this service can include support and maintenance. In this case Shiffel Corp SA will be responsible for administration, sescurity and conectivity of those.

Colocation Service consit on offering to it's clients a secure and prepared place for the correct operation of the services provided. The administration of the hosted services is on charge of the client having the posibility of a remote and physical access for maintenance.

The above listed services will be provided with a Data Center with the following Specifications

DataCenter Specifications:

  • Technical / raised floor to facilitate the organization of equipment.
  • Redundant AC equipment with controlled temperature and humidity.
  • Power supply backed up through UPS and Generators.
  • Smoke detectors.
  • Contingency power supply through online generators.
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring.
  • Online alerts through SMS messaging and email notifications.
  • Access to Data Center through proximity cards.
  • Access to the Server Racks by security key.
  • Alarm system with response.
  • Physical space to allocate the equipment required by the client.
  • Internet bandwidth 1Mb symmetric (up and down).
  • Electric power supplied: 2000 Watts 12 through separate outlets in two groups of 6, connected to two different UPS.

Monthly Maintenance Services:

  • Monitoring of internet service connection.
  • Assistance to network problems such as difficulty accessing servers, slowness, etc.
  • Assistance on the implementation of systems or solutions requested by the client.
  • Basic operation of equipment housed in our Data Centers, patching, turn on and off of routers, switches and servers, changing backup tapes, among others.
  • Assistance to external providers contracted by the client.
  • Monitoring access and security.

Internet conneciton Services

The broad band to access to client services from Internet will be defined by the client. As a minimum a 2Mbps(up&down) connection is offered. A P2P(peerto peer) connection from Shiffel to the client can be offered.