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Custody Services


Winterbotham Custody Services

Global custody solutions for corporate, institutional (specializing in custody for funds) and private clients. Reaching markets and asset types through our network of major depositories and sub-custodians.

  • Timely account opening process
  • Efficient onboarding of account
  • Multicurrency platform, with access to The Winterbotham Merchant Bank`s global payment network
  • FX and multicurrency network
  • Securities settlement: Accurate and timely trade settlement
  • Single point of contact with dedicated backup to help with day-to-day needs
  • Clients assets held on a fiduciary basis and segregated

Asset Types: Money market funds, Short term funds, Equity funds, Fixed Income funds, Global Equities, Global Fixed Income, Alternative Investments & Physical assets

Physical assets
Custody of share certificates, physical gold and other physical assets.