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Corporate Services

Prime solutions for complex situations structuring transactions and operations for corporate customers and their shareholders

Winterbotham Corporate Services

Winterbotham’s strengths are: the creation of viable solutions; bringing in supporting elements, e.g. opening bank accounts putting the pieces together and implementing the transaction or operation providing professional accounting and general administrative services and assuming fiduciary responsibilities.
Winterbotham advises on structuring transactions and operations for corporate customers and their shareholders. Often participating as a member of a team together with the principal’s other advisers, typically lawyers, tax specialists or other business consultants, Winterbotham provides creative input and works towards identifying a viable, practical and effective solution. Such solutions usually involve the incorporation of one or more strategically located companies.

After exploratory meetings and discussions leading to the confirmation of a viable solution, Winterbotham will provide a written proposal. The proposal will contain a description of Winterbotham’s role in the structure, explain the modus operandi and identify costs. Implementation will not take place until a final written proposal is approved by the client.

Winterbotham will then implement the structure or that part of it corresponding to Winterbotham’s role. Winterbotham then leads the implementation of the transaction or operations. Similarly, Winterbotham will assume overall responsibility for the ongoing administration of the structure, including professional accounting services, in addition to its fiduciary responsibilities.

Often in addition to its role as administrator, Winterbotham holds shares as trustee or simply nominee and custodian and often provides directors and officers.

Typical client applications where one or more companies are involved:
  • International trade
  • Real Estate
  • Investment (financial) holding
  • Joint venture
  • Captive Insurance
  • ECommerce
  • Intellectual property
  • Capital Markets
  • Leasing
  • Trading
  • Commodity trading
Select the Corporate Services you are interested in:

Our services include setting up the corporate vehicle most suited to the client’s overall structure to ensure added value and efficiency, including the preparation of documentation to enable operations. Winterbotham incorporates in a wide range of jurisdictions including all major IFCs (Bahamas, Cayman, BVI and Panama), UK, USA, Holland, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Chile and Uruguay.

Winterbotham provides domiciliary and registered office services in most major IFCs, as well as many onshore jurisdictions, making sure that all legal requirements are met and rules and regulations complied with. Our account executives will care for the entity’s day-to-day maintenance to ensure it is maintained in good standing.

Today Winterbotham provides comprehensive accounting and management accounting on behalf of clients engaged in banking, investment fund management, commercial aircraft leasing, insurance, financial trading, commercial (import/export) trading activities, real estate and investment holding.