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The Winterbotham

Merchant Bank

Provides Cash Management services to a broad range of businesses involved in cross-border financial transactions, trade and investment. Receive and pay money internationally with ease and efficiency and optimize overnight placement of surplus liquidity

Winterbotham Merchant Bank

Our banking division, The Winterbotham Merchant Bank, provides cash management services focusing primarily on receipts and payments, and fiduciary placements for companies, trusts, investment funds and other structures which we administer on behalf of our customers. The Bank is also experienced in structuring fiduciary loans and private placements. The Bank offers multi-currency call accounts.

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Winterbotham offers non-interest bearing call accounts in US dollars primarily to meet the receipt and payment needs of active trading companies. Operating via swift with its international correspondent banks. Winterbotham offers same day value on all out going payments. Surplus balances on account are placed overnight on a fiduciary basis with major banks and/or institutional liquidity funds on a fiduciary basis. Interest on fiduciary placements is paid less a handling fee of 25bps pa.

Winterbotham also provides call accounts in euros and sterling, and most other major currencies. Please request details.

To apply for a account please send an e-mail to

A Winterbotham Call Account - - is an efficient banking service designed to meet the needs of active trading companies where receiving and paying funds is a vital daily component of their business. Surplus liquidity remaining on the account is placed on a fiduciary basis (on account of and for the risk of the customer) with major international banks and institutional liquidity funds. permits online access for the purpose of viewing account balances and activity only.

Winterbotham offers in US dollars, euros and sterling, and most other major currencies. Please request details.

Winterbotham's cash management services also include private placements, fiduciary loans and other structured financial transactions

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The Winterbotham Merchant Bank has acted as principal in the placement of funds with other financial institutions, administering volumes in excess of US$ one billon. Similarly, Winterbotham has acted as principal lender (lender of record) in corporate and personal lending loan transactions. Winterbotham has also acted as principal in the purchase and sale of securities, particularly in the disposing and acquisition of shares of private companies.

Private placements or loans, on a fiduciary basis, may be arranged in any currency. Winterbotham will enter into a fiduciary agreement with the principal under which, Winterbotham, acting in its own name but for the account and risk of the principal, will undertake to place funds with a specific institution or lend funds to a specific borrower.

The Winterbotham Merchant Bank, working together with other divisions of The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited, has gained valuable experience in structuring and implementing financial transactions on behalf of its customers. Such transactions have included the purchase and sale of shares of private companies, inter-company borrowing, back-to-back lending, commodity hedges and other commercial applications where a bank intermediary is required.

The Winterbotham Merchant Bank provides highly efficient receipts and payments services for commercial enterprises engaged in import/export activity, leasing, securities trading, trade mark and intellectual property licensing and many others. Cross border activities may be administered through suitable corporate structures where Winterbotham can provide the corporate and accounting services required as well as the banking facilities.

Structured financial transactions often involve Winterbotham both in the capacity of fiduciary agent and banker.

Transacting across borders – and currencies – is a fundamental component of today´s global market. Winterbotham Foreign Exchange (FX) Desk is an efficient provider of global FX solutions provider, covering all major and most minor currencies. Our service includes SPOT, FORWARDS, OPTIONS and SWAPS.

Facilities include:

  • Clearing and reporting
  • Payments: Making and receiving cross-border payments and improving speed in the transaction
  • Statement and confirm generation

Our FX desk draws upon the significant systems and infrastructure resources which include web-based access, reporting and a vast correspondent network.


Non-discretionary agent facilitating issuance, interest and maturity payments, for corporate and institutional companies that are direct issuers of short to medium term debt instruments.


Escrow accounts are utilized as a flexible solution for transactions when there is a need to mitigate counterparty risk by setting aside funds with a non-discretionary third-party agent. Holding deposits or assets subject to future disposition.