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QMS Framework



To be a world class financial services boutique operating in key niches in financial and fiduciary markets around the world, creating value for our stakeholders (clients, staff and shareholders) through innovation, efficient administration, focused management and effective application of systems technology. To facilitate and enable the financial and commercial transactions and operations of our clients; To provide a challenging and rewarding work opportunity to our staff in a dynamic environment where team work and individual creativity and initiative are combined to produce exceptional results; To ensure that all stakeholders are rewarded equitably, To be responsible corporate citizens in our chosen domiciles and in the markets where we operate; To promote sound corporate governance of our business in the interests of sustainability in a heavily regulated environment; To provide a worthwhile long-term future for Winterbotham´s stakeholders




Your objectives = Our objectives

Enabling your business to thrive



To cultivate an empowering culture, which delivers quality and values innovation, compliance, integrity and respect.




To be able to deliver across borders in a pressure environment on timely, efficient and personal level and to meet the needs of our clients through dedication, response and personal delivery, quick decisions making and risk mitigation, relaying on our team.


We are committed to achieving our objectives within the regulatory framework in which we operate, and grow every day, developing our professionalism, improving our processes and services, providing innovative and efficient solutions to satisfy our stakeholder’ needs.


Quality Policy


Our main commitment and objective is to provide a responsible, personalized and professional service, meeting and exceeding, when possible, clients expectations regarding time, clarity and accuracy, providing all the counterparties with adequated and updated information to help their decision making process, complying with all identifyed requirements and responding to all regulators requests. We commit to achieve this by systematizing and unifying internal methodologies; adding value by customizing services, answering to each one of the client’s needs; keeping an honest, fluid, respectful and confidential relationship with all the counterparties; based on our professional ethics and on a risk assessment methodology, supported by the team knowledge and the company history in the financial markets, within the regulatory framework in which we operate. The team seeks to grow every day, developing its professionalism through a competence based strategy, continuously improving the processes and services, as well as providing innovative and efficient solutions to satisfy all counterparties’ needs.