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Rev William Winterbotham / painted in 1828.
Rev William Winterbotham / painted in 1828.
The Winterbothams, a pioneering family for the last two centuries, participated during the end of the 18th century in local government, East African missions and South American railway engineering, involving not only implementation but financial logistics.

During the end of the last century Geoffrey Hooper, the Founder, direct descendant of James Batten Winterbotham* (1855-1912) of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, upholding the pioneering spirit, the values of honesty and integrity handed down from generation to generation and the strength of character to face challenges, developed The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited, after a vast experience in the international Banking and financial services industry.

Today, Winterbotham, continues to face our business and environment with pioneering spirit, values of honesty and integrity and the strength of character, into facing new challenges towards the future.

Winterbotham has developed throughout the years striving to serve our clients and prospects throughout the whole range of products available in international and financial services industry, providing solutions and administering these solutions effectively and efficiently.

At this stage we can care for all your needs and objectives in banking and finance and with our persistence for close relationships make and develop tangible contributions to improve performance, growth and profitability.

* Great-grandfather of the founder was a poet, lawyer and magistrate and played a significant role in public life in Cheltenham. His eldest daughter, Clara, was mayoress of Cheltenham between 1920 and 1923; Cicely the younger daughter, was a pioneering missionary in East Africa alongside her husband Handly Hooper; and his brother George Washington Winterbotham, was a railway engineer, developing the foundations of railways across South America.